‘marble home’ by thomas sandel for marsotto photo © alberto parise

marmomacc is an international exhibition of stone design and technology presenting a range of projects realized with various companies that focus primarily on stone materials and design. most recently, marmomacc decided to investigate themes of irregularity and exceptional use of natural stone materials by inviting five internationally well-known designers and companies, to produce projects that highlight the performance of marble through means of experimental applications.

thomas sandell: marble home with marsotto for marmomacc the pitched roof construction image © designboom

on the occasion of milan design week 2011, marmomacc gave a presentation of these collaborations, including that of stockholm-based designer / architect thomas sandell of sandell sandberg. sandell teamed up with italian marble design manufacturer marsotto on ‘marble home’.

the means of the ‘marble home’ dwelling is derived from the desire to protect oneself in an archetypal space of magical proportions. the construction features a wooden frame whose walls and roof are offset by 120 identical shingle modules made from striato olimpico marble. these modules are finished with ‘buttons’ made in nero marquinia marble.

thomas sandell: marble home with marsotto for marmomacc detail of the wooden frame in relation to the marble shingle modules used to close off the structure image © designboom

the exhibition entitled ‘irregular-exceptional’ presented at the triennale di milano was promoted by marmomacc. it explored principles such as symmetry, rigour, uniformity and predictability, which for decades has ubiquitously distinguished creativity and production, now seeming as if they are legacies of the past. this is even true of materials today. distinguished by original characteristics, wood, iron and marble require special attention, specific knowledge and skills dictated by care and experience. these natural materials are rediscovered today because of their special features and the irregularity they express in antithesis to uniformity, perfection and governability that for a long time, dictated the supremacy of artificial materials. other exhibitors included: patricia urquiola with budri; aldo cibic with grassi pietre: marco piva with lithea by MGM furnari; and manuel aires mateus with pibamarmi.

thomas sandell: marble home with marsotto for marmomacc detail of the marble shingles and wooden frame image © designboom

marmomacc is an essential event for operators working within all aspects of the stone industry, from machinery to instrumental products, from blocks to more complex processing, for professionals in construction and contract sectors as well as designers. this year celebrate’s the 46th international exhibition of marmomacc held from september 21 – 24, 2011 in verona, italy, organized by veronfiere.

thomas sandell: marble home with marsotto for marmomacc installation view of ‘marble home’ as part of the ‘irregular-exceptional’ exhibition promoted by marmomacc during milan design week 2011 photo © alberto parise

thomas sandell: marble home with marsotto for marmomacc exhibition view photo © alberto parise