‘thong jeans’ are the most recent in a line of denim disasters as one designer’s collection gives distressed denim a new meaning, becoming the latest love-to-hate topic on the internet. creatively dubbed by the web, the barely their trousers were sent down the runway by japanese brand thibaut during amazon fashion week in tokyo.
thong jeans amazon fashion week thibaut designboom
the denim number made its debut at amazon fashion week, image courtesy of shutterstock



the garment in question was debuted as part of the brand’s spring/summer 2018 collection at the fashion festival that aims to promote new designers. on the runway both the front and rear panels of the legs appeared torn away, leaving only the seams behind in a look exposing more leg than even a pair of daisy dukes could.
thong jeans amazon fashion week thibaut designboom
only the seams were intact on the model image courtesy of shutterstock


not only has the controversial piece of clothing sparked a social media frenzy but a subsequent delve into fashion’s history, recalling some other similarly confusing denim trends from high street retailers. earlier this year topshop released a pair of completely see-through PVC trousers whilst ASOS began offering fashion conscious consumers ‘high waster open backs’, a new-gen for the much-loved (and previously innocent) ‘mom’ jean.

thong jeans amazon fashion week thibaut designboom 
topshop’s PVC trousers, image © topshop


despite a trend in the fashion industry for see it buy it, thibaut’s ‘thong jeans’ wont be available until next year. in the mean time the low-coverage denim is receiving high-coverage online sparking critics to call the look ‘impractical’ and many to critique high fashion’s iconic twists on classic denim.

jeans thong gone wrong at amazon fashion week
ASOS’s open back jeans, image © ASOS


the late lee mcqueen’s low-rising ‘bumster’ jeans of the 90s act as a fitting predecessor whilst vetements collaboration with LEVI’S – which incorporate a zipper across the bottom – are a revealing contemporary. if denim had a theory of evolution it would appear thibaut thong jeans are the final phase…surely.

thong jeans amazon fashion week thibaut designboom
vetements collaboration with LEVI’S image © @vetements_official via instagram