throat lamp by keha3 models ventilation pipes
all photos courtesy of keha3




designed by margus triibmann for keha3, the throat lamp borrows the shape of industrial ventilation pipes. the casing offers extreme flexibility, enabling the user to direct light as they see fit. its industrial construction speaks highlights its durability while the polyurethane coating provides a pleasing finish. available in two lengths, the pieces are well suited to contemporary spaces due to their adaptability. the series takes its title from the appearance of the human trachea, hence the name ‘throat’.

throat lamp10
the lamps can easily be manipulated to suit their context

throat lamp keha3
the finished aspects lend sophistication to an otherwise industrial look

throat lamp keha3
the numerous sizes allows for complex lighting arrangements

throat lamp by keha3
the fixtures can quite literally be placed into dialogue with one another

throat lamp by keha3
detail of the undulating form the fixtures can assume

throat lamp by keha3
the throat lamp by keha3 can create a sophisticated lighting experience via its balanced form


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edited by: trevor reed | designboom