a series of trials testing the capsize recovery ability of the XSV thunder child demonstrates the boats ability to spin right back round again. to undertake the trial the boat is tipped 120 degrees using a crane – with people inside!


the trial replicates the possibility of the boat being confronted by a large and powerful wave. it is because of the thunder child’s very low center of gravity and watertight build that makes the boat extremely buoyant.

impossible to capsize, the thunder child boat defies stormy seas
images courtesy of safehaven



the 17m long thunder child is powered by a pair of caterpillar c12.9 turbocharged, supercharged and intercooler diesel engines producing 745kW each. propulsion is achieved using waterjets or by surface drives and the thunder child is capable of a maximum speed of 54kts (about 100km/h).


safehaven, the manufacturer of the thunder child, states that the cabin can accommodate 9-10 crew members on shock mitigation seas. there is also space ‘for an additional six combatants’ in the forward cabin allowing a total capacity of 16.