‘metaphys gekka’ by hers design inc. all images courtesy of metaphys

japanese firm hers design inc. has redeveloped the traditional sake set for the retailer metaphys. the tokkuri (flask container) of ‘metaphys gekka’ is made of tin by producer osaka suzuki using casting and carving techniques that require a turntable. the material gives the rice-based alcoholic beverage a smoother and mellower taste, while the shape allows for easier pouring.

since sake is consumed both hot and cold, rattan has been wrapped around the neck of the container for thermal protection and a better grip. to enhance insallation, the cups come in both single and double layers. the bottle measures almost 6 cm across with a height of 27 cm. the sake set has won the DFA silver award in the design for asia award 2011.  

tin sake set by hers design set includes two bottles and one container

tin sake set by hers design shape assists in precise pouring

tin sake set by hers design set can either be for warm or cold sake

tin sake set by hers design sectional diagram of cups

DFA awards a record-breaking number of applications has been received this year. in what is widely acknowledged as one of the most important programs to reward outstanding designs in asia pacific, the hong kong design center invited a spectrum of international winners and guests from creative industries, business and media to the award presentation ceremonies on december 1st and 2nd, 2011, to recognize the power of excellent designs and innovative minds in the region. among the 156 design for asia (DFA) awards honoring outstanding design professionals from around the world, the HKDC also bestowed 10 seminal grand awards for significant impacts and contributions to the world’s sustainability in asia, showing capabilities beyond design form and aesthetics.