TINK was born from the desire to make knitting that little bit easier by providing a wearable kit for all of your tools and accessories. the handy jewellery piece acts as a ruler, yarn cutter, needle measurer and holder which means you will never have to go searching for all of your sewing instruments again. 

TINK knitting tool designboom 01
the TINK knitting tool holds all of your accessories together



as a busy working mum, the creator of lets2tog found that there was never enough time to knit, and when there was she didn’t want to stop to hunt for tools. she often found that these items became easily lost which is when the idea of a wearable jewellery piece was formulated. after a year of development, a smart, light, fashionable aluminum piece was created providing an ideal solution for all of these dilemmas. whether you’ve just gotten comfy on the couch and you realize you need stitch markers, or have them but don’t want them to slip off your lap, the stylish precision piece keeps all of your items together. TINK is currently seeking funding on kickstarter here. 

TINK knitting tool designboom 02 TINK knitting tool designboom 03



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