toan nguyen brings home/office square modular pieces for studio TK to NEOCON 2016
all images courtesy of toan nguyen




for NEOCON 2016 in chicago, studio TK brings their latest work with paris designer toan nguyen – the ‘infinito’ series as well as the ‘masalla’ coffee tables. based on square modularity, each piece can generate many different configurations and combinations, involving all four directions that interact with the surrounding architectural spaces. each element can stand alone in the most traditional layouts or be combined to create island situations. 

the ‘infinito’ chair and square table




both the ‘infinito’ series of tables and chairs are low in height and compact with proportions that favor sociability and interaction among users. additionally, the flexible orientation of the cluster arrangements offers a level of privacy.  the latest addition, ‘infinito’ tables come in combinations that include laminate, veneer, or glass with a base finish in white, granite, ebony, sunburt, voltage or reaction. 

each element can stand alone or together




the ‘infinito’ lounge comes in three elements: chair, sette and three-seater sofa. each has a wooden frame padded with polyurethane and feathers, covered in fabric or leather with coordinated piping. toan nguyen’s ‘masalla’ coffee table is shaped in either a square or a rectangular with MDF multicolor lacquered boards with glass or with a MDF tabletop. 

modular for either the home or office

‘infinito’ table with three-seater ‘infinito’ sofa 

‘infinito’ tables have a variety of colors for the top and bottom layers  

the shape allows users to interact in all four directions 

the ‘masalla’ coffee table with the ‘infinito’ lounge chairs 

each ‘masalla’ table can come in either square or rectangular shapes