tobacco-quitting cigarettes help break smoking habits
all images courtesy of tseng yi wen





taiwanese designer tseng yi wen has conceived a series of 4 tobacco-quitting cigarettes aimed to break smoking habits. the concept behind each would make tobacco consumption significantly less, while still allowing for an occasional smoke.


 tobacco-day’ prints the date on every cigarette, reminding the smoker of how many they have consumed, and to limit the allowed number of smokes per month.  

tobacco-quitting cigarettes
the month is printed onto the box, with one cigarette per day as a limit




‘could you give me a cigarette?’ is a common question often asked by smokers. yi wen has conceived a single cigarette that is sharable, to be broken into two parts. by dividing the tobacco, you help reduce the other person’s smoking amount, and your own.

tobacco-quitting cigarettes

tobacco-quitting cigarettes
the smoke is to be broken in two parts so that less tobacco in consumed

tobacco-quitting cigarettes
the single cigarette is able to be broken in half




‘tobacco-trace’ is a series that assigns a number to a purchased cigarette. when a smoker throws one on the road, 
others will be able to find out that person’s identity. yi wen asks, ‘will you still throw cigarette wherever you go?’ 

tobacco-quitting cigarettes
the identity number printed on the cigarette allows for tracking discarded butts





‘tobacco-luck’ increases the size of the filter tip so that the smoke inside is considerably less. each passing day allows a smaller amount of tobacco consumption. 

the size of the filter gets larger, so that the smoke inside is less

tobacco-quitting cigarettes
each passing day provides less and less tobacco



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