tobia zambotti unveils ‘coat-19’


italian designer tobia zambotti is once again highlighting the environmental impact of disposable face coverings with ‘coat-19’, a puffer jacket filled with used facemasks. the new project follows his mask-stuffed sofa dubbed ‘couch-19‘.


since the outbreak of coronavirus, single-use masks have been key in helping to prevent the spread of the virus. however, when not disposed of properly, these lifesaving masks pose a major threat to our oceans, as reported by the guardian in a 2020 article titled ‘more masks than jellyfish’.

tobia zambotti coat-19
images by luca ranghetti



HIGHLIGHTING a pandemic-related environmental issue


as iceland entered its 4th wave of COVID-19 in august 2021, the designer decided to collect about 1500 of the light-blue masks from the streets of reykjavík before they ended up in the ocean. zambotti then thoroughly disinfected them with ozone gas and shipped them to aleksi saastamoinen, a fashion design student at aalto university in finland who turned the recycled masks into the unusual stuffing for coat-19.


most of the disposable masks available on the market are made with a thermoplastic called polypropylene, which is also used to produce poly-fill, the most common acrylic stuffing for cheap down jackets: same material, same function, different look. the outer layer is a semi-transparent breathable and waterproof laminate based on bio-sources that let the disposable masks be visible.​ the garment aims to highlight what zambotti calls, ‘this absurd pandemic-related environmental issue.​’

tobia zambotti coat-19
the outer layer is a semi-transparent, breathable and waterproof laminate based on bio-sources that let the disposable masks be visible

tobia zambotti coat-19
coat-19 is filled with more than 1500 disinfected single-use masks

tobia zambotti coat-19
close-up view of the puffer jacket




project info:


name: coat-19
design: tobia zambotti and aleksi saastamoinen

photography: luca ranghetti


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom