toer combines the feeling of lying in fields and hanging in a hammock
images courtesy of toer




sourcing from the centuries old culture of the human wish to control nature, toer‘s ‘field hammock’ reflects upon our management over the fields. the design is a combination of the slow movements of hanging in the air and the relaxing feeling of lying in a meadow. made from multicolored grass-like synthetic polyamide pile fabric, the hammock is water and UV ray resistant. as well, the straps are produced from durable polyester and secure to the hardwood poles that keep the mat in place.

the grass-like synthetic polyamide material enhances the feeling of lying in a field




the design studio from eindhoven, netherlands, are fascinated about exploring the frontiers of product and spatial design. as a result of their interest for simple movements and the emotional impact that creates, toer’s projects include simple material use and forthright form language. the ‘field hammock’ reflects these principles as it strongly acts with the users emotional feel by offering a duality of relaxing experiences in one.

two hardwood poles are used to securely hold the mat in place and for the polyester straps to attach to