‘toki’ by emmanuelle moureauxall photos by daisuke shimokawa / nacasa & partners



emmanuelle moureaux‘s ‘toki’ project (which means ‘time’ in japanese) investigates the universal element of time expressed through the japan-based designer’s signature use of bold color. the large-scale work is composed of an array of sticks presented in various hues.each one moves through the implementation of magnets, at contrasting degrees much like the hands of a clock, an abstract representation of the multiple time zones of our world and an indication of progress and moving forward. the interactive work was on show at designtide tokyo 2012.

‘toki’a universal elemented called ‘time’,a sensuous element called ‘color’when the disparate two coincide,it lures the the emotional world of ‘time’.



emmanuelle moureaux explains the concept behind ‘toki’ to designboomvideo courtesy of emmanuelle moureaux / © designboom



toki by emmanuelle moureaux   where color and time coincidethe use of colorful sticks is a signature of the french-born designer’s work



 toki by emmanuelle moureaux   where color and time coincidethe ‘hands’ move at different rates and angles offering an abstract visual of time