‘FANCL cosmetic re-brand’ by tokujin yoshioka

japanese designer tokujin yoshioka has developed the rebrand of japanese cosmetics company FANCL. with a 32-year history, the overall purpose of the project was not merely to renew the design or ‘transform’ the image of the brand, but rather present the evolution of FANCL over time.

tokujin has designed a new corporate logo, complete with new bottles and packaging for the beauty care products. the preservation-free skin care line is packaged in a transparent container, a symbol of purity and the image of water overflowing and rising. furthermore, the material from which the bottles are made, allows the product inside to receive light, casting pure images of color which show the essence of the brand. the honesty of the packaging translates to a concept of beauty supported by the brand.

tokujin yoshioka: FANCL cosmetic re brand an example of the modulation of light through the product and its packaging

tokujin yoshioka: FANCL cosmetic re brand detail