globally-acclaimed japanese artist and designer tokujin yoshioka is known as one of the most influential creators of works that use experimental technology and free thinking across a range of disciplines, including art, design and architecture. exhibited at shiseido gallery, ginza in tokyo, ’TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA_SPECTRUM’ is a solo show that follows the in-depth explorations of the artist on the complex relation between man and the natural world. the idea of the effects and the sensation of light is the subject that has been materialized in this installation.




in this solo exhibition, tokujin yoshioka presents his latest installation called ‘spectrum’ which offers an almost mystical journey through light with seemingly infinite rainbow colors drawn from nature, science and technology that flood the entire space. in the installation yoshioka separates light into its consisting colors through the use of a polyhedral prism, taking the experience several heaps beyond by having shards of light projecting an entire spectrum into the eyes of the visitors.






this is not the first time yoshioka has presented works related to light, and his journey can be seen through his past works and exhibitions. a clear example is ‘crystallize’, a solo exhibition held at the museum of contemporary art in tokyo. this retrospective show emphasizes the dedication of the artist to the crystal medium. you can read more about this exhibition on designboom here.




tokujin yoshioka shiseido gallery spectrum tokyo designboom

tokujin yoshioka shiseido gallery spectrum tokyo designboom