south african and london based designer fly pitcher (real name piers mansfield – scaddan) launched
‘satellite chandelier’, at the ‘zero gravity’ exhibition as part of tokyo design week.

‘satellite chandelier’

the works form a random cluster of reflective nickel- plated satellite tv dishes and radio antennae and comments on our increasing dependence on information as entertainment. the ‘satellite dish’ has been re-contexualized inside the gallery and given new status as a piece of design, raising questions of stability, permanence and how our society views beauty and function from separate sides of the room.   the works will be on display at designtide until november 3, 2008.

tokyo design week 08: fly pitcher fly-pitcher stand design tide tokyo

tokyo design week 08: fly pitcher nickle ‘satellite chandelier’ – prototypetokyo design week 08: fly pitcher satellite chandelier concept sketch