‘ippon’ desk light made from cardboard tubing image © designboom

the history of japan’s paper industry began with ‘washi’ and continued with the development of various types of paper, including western types made from pulp. today, there are a range sizes, thicknesses and textures of the much used product to support our daily needs. paper has become something so mundane, that sometimes we forget its importance in our lives.

‘cuiora’ is a collection of objects by qurz inc., made from paper. the products exercise the possibilities of paper through a number of designs meant for the everyday.

tokyo design week 08: qurz inc. image © designboom

the ‘ippon’ desk light is made from a cardboard tube. it is cut diagonally at its centre point so that it can rest in an ‘L’ formation, or be twisted to stand in a vertical position. the light uses a fluorescent lamp which emits a soft light.

tokyo design week 08: qurz inc.

tokyo design week 08: qurz inc. ‘paper flash’ flashlight image © designboom

qurz inc., has designed two flashlights made from hard cylindrical paper. one has a plastic head where the light source is located. the other has the bulb housed inside the shaft, which shows the texture of the paper when it is lit.

tokyo design week 08: qurz inc.

tokyo design week 08: qurz inc. designer takumi shimamura of qurz inc. image © designboom


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