installation view of shin azumi’s new series of bedroom furniture ’24 /7′ exhibited at tokyo design week

shin azumi launched his new collection of bedroom furniture at tokyo designer’s week 2008, in an exhibition called ’24 / 7 bedroom = sleep?’. the series of twelve pieces was made for aisin seiki co., ltd’s bed and bedding brand, ‘asleep’. what’s interesting is that aisin seiki co., ltd is actually the world’s sixth largest automotive parts manufacturer, making ‘asleep’ an interesting subsidiary of the company.

tokyo design week 08: shin azumi one of the bedroom installations in shin azumi’s ’24 / 7 bedroom = sleep?’ exhibition

tokyo design week 08: shin azumi azumi arranged his new furniture design into different bedroom scenarios

tokyo design week 08: shin azumi ‘baby air switch AZ’ by shin azumi for mathmos, UK (2008)

in addition for his series of bedroom furniture ’24 / 7′ for aisin seiki co., ltd, azumi has also been working on a few lighting projects, one of which is the ‘baby air switch AZ’ designed for mathmos. made from glass, this light has a motion sensor. moving one’s hand in a sideways movement above the lamp, triggers the light to turn on and off.

tokyo design week 08: shin azumi ‘ribbon’ by shin azumi for innermost, UK (2008)

‘ribbon’ is a candelabrum made from cast stainless steel. the form looks like a loop of ribbon which stands on its own.

tokyo design week 08: shin azumi views of ‘ribbon’ from various angles

tokyo design week 08: shin azumi a detail of the ribbon-like structure

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