‘kisai traffic’ watch stainless steel case and strap 33 mm x 48 mm x 9 mm 164 grams

‘kisai traffic’ watch by japanese company tokyoflash uses the interface of a road map to tell time.  here city streets in blue represent hours 1-12, subway lines in orange showcase 5 minute intervals, while the highway lines in green display single minutes from 1-4. after pushing the button on the side of the interface, lights showing the current time will flash for seven seconds.

tokyoflash: kisai traffic watch fold over clasp with push button on the side

‘kisai traffic’ can be recharged by connecting it to your computer via USB. one complete recharge takes 3.5 hours lasting 1 month. there are 300 charges in one battery.

tokyoflash: kisai traffic watch

the watch features a programmed animation between 18:00 and 24:00 that can be initiated by switching modes. the orange and green lights will gradually move north across the display every 15 minutes when set to this option.

via awesomergizmag