tom dixon brews up a coffee collection for maison & objet




tom dixon presents ‘brew’ — a suite of gleaming, copper appliances for the coffee obsessed. debuting at maison & objet 2015 in paris, ‘brew’ celebrates the coming together of heat, steam, water and coffee grounds, and pays tribute to the modern-day ceremony of serving coffee. comprised of a biscuit tin, caddy, cafetiere, espresso cups, milk pan, scoop, serving tray and stovetop, the ‘brew’ collection sets the stage for the ritual of making and consuming coffee — from the push of the plunger, to the dunk of the biscuit.

tom dixon brew coffee collection designboom
the ‘brew’ coffee collection by tom dixontom dixon brew coffee collection designboom
‘brew’ cafetiere




the ‘brew’ cafetiere is tall and tactile, exuding a futuristic art deco look. it’s brushed steel interior contrasts with its simple but striking high-shine copper finish, rendered with high precision-engineered to ensure smooth and easy plunging and pouring. the result is a sleek, sturdy cafetiere — the centrepiece of the coffee ceremony.

 tom dixon brew coffee collection designboom
the cafetiere has a copper exterior and brushed steel interior for easy pushing and plungingtom dixon brew coffee collection designboom
‘brew’ stove top




the ‘brew’ stovetop espresso-maker offers visual balance and elegance through a solid base and a heat-resistant, easy-pour handle. it’s ideal for everyday baristas, sunday-morning connoisseurs and after-dinner espresso aficionados alike.tom-dixon-BREW-coffee-collection-maison-et-objet-designboom-11
the stovetop espress maker expresses an art deco feel
‘brew’ milk pan




the stainless steel milkpan with a high-gloss copper finish is outfitted with a straight handle that has been engineered for even heating and perfect balance. combined with its twin, the ‘brew’ stovetop, it creates a good café au lait.

detail of the milk pan’s proportions and shapes in relation to its long straight handletom-dixon-BREW-coffee-collection-maison-et-objet-designboom-08
‘brew’ coffee caddy




fine coffee should be stored with reverence. the bullet-shaped ‘brew’ coffee caddy keeps grounds fresh and flavorful in a capsule of polished steel, with a high-shine copper finish. its hemispherical lid is engineered to fit neatly with the bowl of the ‘brew’ coffee scoop.tom-dixon-BREW-coffee-collection-maison-et-objet-designboom-07
the bullet-shaped coffee caddy keeps grounds fresh and flavorful

‘brew coffee scoop’



from caddy to cafetiere, the ‘brew’ coffee scoop is copper-finished with a cylindrical counterweight that allows it to stand upright. it has been designed to sit perfectly on the lid of the top dixon ‘brew’ caddy whenever services are not needed.

‘brew’ biscuit tin




the wide round ‘brew’ biscuit tin is copper-finished, and has been fashioned with a brushed steel interior that keeps digestives and amaretti alike in tip-top dunking condition.

the wide round biscuit tin keeps your cookies in tip-top dunking condition
‘brew’ espresso cups




for the final, most pleasurable, part of the coffeemaker’s ritual: a set of four espresso cups that have been realized to be elegantly stackable, easily storeable and beautiful to look at. each comprises a polished steel interior with a gleaming copper finish – the perfect cup to start a day or end a meal.
the bottom of each cup is embossed with ‘tom dixon london’tom-dixon-BREW-coffee-collection-maison-et-objet-designboom-01
‘brew’ tray




the ‘brew’ tray is designed to accommodate every item in the ‘brew’ range of coffee-making artefacts, but can also be used as presentation platform for anything that demands to be served with style.