british designer tom dixon is exhibiting his ‘etch lamps’ at superstudio più, during milan design week 2010.

‘etch’ light image © designboom

‘etch’ lamps employ an industrial process which is typically used in producing intricate electronic products such as circuit boards, electrical components or medical equipment. the result is a structure which exhibits detailed graphic filigree. the geometric construction of the light itself is not only decorative, but also allows the extremely thin metal sheet in which it is made, to cross-brace itself into a structurally sound manner, making a rigid exoskeleton.

the light effect is emitted from within the lamp, filtering through the thousands of tiny holes, creating an atmospheric luminosity. like a molecule, each element of the lights, from the individual ‘cells’ to the whole form, is both infinite and modular.

‘etch’ lights are available in brass and stainless steel and come in four different versions: a modular tea light holder (etch candle holder), flat-pack light shade (etch shade), a range light (etch shade) and an edition (etch tower) which is reminiscent of a futuristic city skyline.

tom dixon etch lamps installation of ‘etch’ lights image © designboom

tom dixon etch lamps

tom dixon etch lamps ‘factory workers’ building the lamps image © designboom

during the press presentation ‘factory workers’ were on location, constructing the lights, which are now available for purchase to visitors of the exhibition.

tom dixon etch lamps image © designboom

tom dixon etch lamps image © designboom

tom dixon etch lamps shelves of tools and materials on-site image © designboom