‘lustre pendants’ by tom dixon tom dixon: lustre pendants

continuing his exploration into metallic finishes, tom dixon has produced ‘lustre pendants’, a collection of lighting objects which exhibit an iridescent sheen which is a result of applying a specialized glaze composed of minerals and precious metals to the stoneware shades and firing them at 1200 degrees celsius.

the pieces are finished by hand making each one unique as the glaze fixes to the pottery in an unpredictable way, thus producing a range of colors across the series from a bronze yellow, pale lime, turquoise blue to deep bottle green. the forms of the hanging lamps bring together lines and shapes derived from mayan temples and art deco constructions. available in four distinctive geometric designs, ‘lustre pendants’ are the first stoneware designs in the studio’s collection ‘luminosity’ and will be shown during london design week 2012.

tom dixon: lustre pendants the forms of the lamps are drawn from a collision of mayan temples and art deco constructions

tom dixon: lustre pendants up close

tom dixon: lustre pendants cylindrical pendant forms

tom dixon: lustre pendants four geometric designs complete the collection