tom dixon presents the church in collaboration with st. james’ for CDW
all images courtesy of sophie mutevelian




rather than renting a space for this year’s clerkenwell design week in london, tom dixon studio had the unique opportunity to collaborate with vicar andrew baughen of st james’ church. initiated with the intent of bringing daytime visitors to the institution, baughen would like to see st. james’ become a resource for the creative workforce and local residents.

curve pendant lights




the partnership includes the installation of three pendant light collections fresh from milan including: curve, flask, and fade. a large curve chandelier was selected to be the highlight of the three, and along with a co-working space and kitchen created for the event, was donated as a permanent fixture.

tom dixon studio clerkenwell design week detail showing the precise puncturing of the thin-metal body




curve is a spherical light that pushes boundaries of thin-sheet etched metal fabrication. its precision-pierced skin is paired with soft nickel silver coating; internal reflectance emits a filtered glow of ethereal illumination. flask is a three-part series that draws from the world of science. the functional geometry of laboratory glassware makes an appearance in the form of a cylinder, sphere, and cone that can be arranged in groups or alone. each comprises two components: a transparent, rippled glass lens, and a black-glass shade finished in oily iridescence. fade, also included in the exhibition, is a blow-moulded polycarbonate light. a teardrop shape focuses output into a round, luminous circle. 

curve chandelier in main space of st. james’ church

curve was one of multiple collections shown during milan design week

tom dixon studio clerkenwell design week
looking up at the primary installation

curve was presented alongside the fade and flask pendant collections

tom dixon studio at clerkenwell design week 2016

tom dixon studio clerkenwell design week

the church signage beneath flask lights 

tom dixon studio clerkenwell design week