tom dixon at london design festival about multiplex: the future of shopping
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‘in the modern world, everyone is going online. to do physical spaces you got to work a lot harder to be entertaining, to provide services, and to provide an experience that people can’t get on their couch or on their Ipad.’tom dixon



for the occasion of this year’s london design festival, in collaboration with wallpaper*, tom dixon takes over a vast derelict space at the old selfridges hotel to present ‘multiplex’- an immersive, ‘multi-sensory department store of tomorrow’. installed for a month until the 15th october, the scheme hosts an alternative department store divided into sections dedicated to technology, art, cars, food, fashion, along with a space exhibiting the british designer’s ongoing work and products. together with an array of brands and companies such as: caesarstone, gail’s kitchen and sony, the exciting project will aim to to show ‘the future of shopping’ and immerse visitor’s senses. bringing together design, technology, fashion, film and interiors to explore how the future of retail might look, sound, smell, taste and feel.

hosted at the old selfridges hotel, a 25,000 square foot site attached to the iconic selfridges department store




‘the high streets are fighting a losing battle against the shift to online shopping, while eye-watering rents for prime locations squeeze traditional stores even further. it is time to radically rethink how these spaces can become relevant again in a digitally-defined future. the multiplex is a prototype shop for the future, a multiple stage for new ideas. just as in the modern world, the artificial distinctions between designers, artists, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, communicators, entertainers and customers blur, merge and get redefined. the space becomes a resource for working, playing and entertaining, for inspiration and for business, a platform for superior broadcasting of brands and ideas and a temporary central london entertainment space for new commerce.’ – tom dixon

MULTIPLEX is built around the contributions of its collaborating brands, bringing their own ideas and experiences

the space is furnished by tom dixon-designed furniture



interview with tom dixon
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