whilst people are learning new skills or picking up forgotten hobbies during the COVID-19 pandemic, icelandic knitwear designer ýrúrarí jóhannsdóttir – also known more simply as ýrúrarí – is using quarantine time to experiment with her craft. starting in early april 2020, she began ‘doodling’ by knitting a cheeky add-on for her regular face mask. the idea is that the design’s monstrous form would encourage people to stay away from the wearer, ensuring social distancing.



these knitted face masks by ýrúrarí were actually inspired by some of her previous sweater designs, which have adorned multiple mouths across their chests, backs and sleeves. taking a similar cue, her knitted masks began life with giant lips, long tongues and even braces before becoming more and more monstrous. some of her latest designs predict green extraterrestrial forms and serpent-like tongues that would transform the wearer into medusa.



as the eye-catching designs became more popular and began to take off, the designer was quick to state that her knitted face masks were created solely as intriguing, thought-provoking items to encourage creativity and, most importantly, social distancing. her experiments will not be sold or used in public.








project info:


designs: knitted face masks

designer: ýrúrarí