torii chair by h220430


Tokyo-based studio h220430 introduces Torii, a chair designed to symbolize respect and acceptance of diversity. The project draws influence from the traditional Japenese Torii gate which is commonly found at the entrance of Shinto shrines to mark the transition from the mundane to the sacred. In a similar approach, users who sits on the elegant chair will become aware of its divine energy, and progress into a new state of peace and acceptance, opening their mind and heart to the differences around them. 

torii chair 1
all images by Kei Kawakubo


a symbol of respect and acceptance


In Japan, since ancient times, Torii gates have been placed in front of mountains, rivers, seas, stones, and graves of those who have made great contributions to the land. ‘If you place a Torii at a mountain, river, or sea, they will become a god.’ explains h220430 (see more here). Nevertheless, in Western Europe and Islamic countries, there is a tendency to believe in one God and not recognize any other, which leads to conflicts. If a society respects diversity, it cannot live such conflicts unresolved for thousands of years.


Delving deeper into this concept, the designers have created the Torii chair as a symbol of respect for diversity — just as there can be many different gods to worship, there can also be many different people to accept. ‘It is our hope that everyone who sits on this chair will be aware of this fact and have a generous heart.’ the team shares.

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project info:


name: Torii Chair
designer: h220430

produced by: Nissin Furniture Crafters

price: from JPY 83 000 to JPY 117 000



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