TO+WN design bejewels miley cyrus on a wrecking ball
all images courtesy of TO+WN design




TO+WN design has created a necklace influenced by miley cyrus’ infamous ‘wrecking ball’ music video. the founding partners, tracy ong and william ngo, conceptualized this piece as a tongue-in-cheek addition to their jewelry series ‘the world is your oyster.’ similar to the previous collection, this piece is manufactured using processes such as digital modelling and 3D printing. afterwards, the chain and figurine of the pop star are cast in brass, hand polished, and assembled on top of the pearl as a reinterpretation of the swinging scene. the accessory will be available for a limited time on etsy, where 5% of the proceeds are donated to UNICEF.


video courtesy of TO+WN design

town design pearl necklace miley cyrus wrecking ball
a detailed photo of the necklace above a reflective surface

town design pearl necklace miley cyrus wrecking ball
the necklace as modeled by founding partner, tracy ong



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