during milan design week 2019, &tradition exhibits the legacy of design with iconic as well as new furniture pieces. within an ongoing renovated interior, playful novelty designs from jaime hayon – including a new chair and lampsit alongside reissued pieces from hvidt & mølgaard. these have been recovered from the depths of their archives with some now entering production for the very first time, despite existing for over 60 years. ‘the preview’ of the danish brand’s 2019 collection continues their philosophy of merging traditional and contemporary.

&tradition 'previews' novelties and reissues at milan design week 2019
the ‘setago’ lamp and ‘elefy’ chair
all images courtesy of &tradition



as the first of two new items from spanish designer jaime hayon, the &tradition ‘elefy’ chair sources inspiration from nature’s humble giant, an elephant. its streamlined body, which is available in a range of colors and upholstery, mirrors the animal’s physical form with two large ears that sweep into a rounded curve. the cupping shape has been designed for comfort as it cozily envelops the sitter. below, four sturdy legs in metal or solid wood support the body.

&tradition 'previews' novelties and reissues at milan design week 2019
the ‘elefy’ chair



born from ‘seta’ the spanish word for mushroom, the hayon-designed ‘setago’ lamp is also influenced by nature. its quirky fungus-like shape is defined by a large shade that slightly curves upward at its edges. with a clean form, the design discreetly features a dimmer on tubular body and keeps all workings hidden. it is unburdened by an electrical cord so that the lamp can be moved around with ease. to recharge, simple attach a USB cable.

&tradition 'previews' novelties and reissues at milan design week 2019
the ‘elefy’ chair



adding an iconic mid-century aesthetic to the exhibit, &tradition has reissued many classics from hvidt & mølgaard into production. for the first time ever, the ‘spindle’ floor lamp from 1953 will be manufactured. its slim structure is topped by a bell-like shaped shade, which is all built from black lacquered steel with brass details. it appears with a clean minimalism where simplicity is paired with softness, as exemplified by the curved edges of its base.

&tradition 'previews' novelties and reissues at milan design week 2019
the ‘setago’ lamp on top of the ‘pinwheel’ table



from 1965, the ‘boomerang’ is a mid-century lounge chair that, as its name suggests, reflects the symmetry of its australian namesake. the elegant L-shaped wooden frame is smoothly devoid of any superfluous details and is only paired with four slender brass legs. focusing on comfort, the structure forms the relaxed slant of the back to ensure users sit with ease. it is available with or without armrests.

&tradition 'previews' novelties and reissues at milan design week 2019
the ‘pinwheel’ table (left) and the ‘boomerang’ chair (right)



another chair from hvidt & mølgaard is the ‘chamber’ dating from 1956. its honest design is crafted from traditional techniques that lend an modest charm. although eye-catching, its unassuming smooth and crescent shaped back only aims to deliver comfort. lowering from this, two rounded columns extend to the floor with identical, albeit shorter, front legs continuing its symmetry. also available with or without armrests, the wooden structure can be manufactured from either oak or walnut.

&tradition 'previews' novelties and reissues at milan design week 2019
the ‘boomerang’ chair



as the first of two table presentations, the ‘drop leaf’ from 1956 offers flexibility in variation as well as design elements. crafted from solid walnut or oak, the table drives towards a clean form by featuring wooden frames rather than legs. these collapse with hinged sections on each side in order to cleanly fold down from the center. adaptability is continued with the design available in two editions: dining and side tables.

&tradition 'previews' novelties and reissues at milan design week 2019
the ‘boomerang’ chair (left), ‘spindle’ floor lamp (center) and ‘drop leaf’ table (right)



last but not least, the ‘pinwheel’ dates from 1953. the design draw its geometric shape from the namesake, colorful children’s toy. the unusual piece is composed of six smaller tables that slot together to form one elegant, round structure. this composition can then be adapted to suit any interior or need with the smaller tables able to be positioned freely. the slim shapes are available in either solid oak or walnut before being completed with brass legs.

&tradition 'previews' novelties and reissues at milan design week 2019
the ‘chamber’ chair


&tradition 'previews' novelties and reissues at milan design week 2019
the ‘chamber’ chair






product info:


brand: &tradition

exhibit: the preview

date: april 8-14, 2019

models: the’elefy’ chair and ‘setago’ lamp; and the ‘spindle’ floor lamp, ‘chamber’ chair, ‘boomerang’ chair, ‘drop leaf’ table and ‘pinwheel’ table

designers: jaime hayon; and hvidt & mølgaard