‘tree tents’ by luminairall images courtesy of luminair



the culmination of three years worth of research, these ‘tree tents’ by luminair are coming to forests near you. bringing awareness to the timber harvest and lifecycle, these suspended capsules bring comfortable and low impact retreats up in the canopies. the living spaces are contained by a sustainable structural frame enclosed with high density cotton canvas fabric. a combination of green ash wood and strong, lightweight hybrid aluminum sub-frame components are easily transported and assembled. steam-bent into a spherical shape, the form spreads loads across the structure to absorb movements of inhabitants. its 100% waterproof exterior is insulated with sheep wool, making the shelters perfect for year-round use and semi-permanent camps. it comes in olive green, red and natural.


spanning three meters in diameter, the interior room comfortably accommodates 2 adults. kits include side benches which extend into beds. a bio-fuel stove for heating and cooking can also warm the water  stored inside the under-floor tank. 



tree tents by luminairspherical tent suspended amidst tree trunks



tree tents by luminairladder leads into front door



tree tents by luminairside window



tree tents by luminairdoor entry



tree tents by luminairfabric door rolled up



tree tents by luminairbedroom



tree tents by luminairbed beneath side window



tree tents by luminairlight detail



tree tents by luminairbio-fuel stove and bed



tree tents by luminairview of bio-fuel stove and bed from other bed



tree tents by luminairother window



tree tents by luminairupward view of skylight



tree tents by luminaircreation of tent prototype



tree tents by luminairgreen ash framework



tree tents by luminairinstallation