tributo collection at AMD 2014



during the abierto mexicano de diseño 2014, tributo presented it’s first collection of furniture and objects that pay tribute to the work of méxico’s best artisans. these 12 contemporary pieces, designed or directed by designer laura noriega highlight the rich heritage of crafts and handmade design in mexico. the manufacturing process of some of the tributo is beautifully captured in this short film…



video by lighthouse





your skin easychair, 2012
designer: laura noriega
craftsman: taller punto nodal / taller el jorongo
material: walnut or birch wood strucure and natual handweaving wool seat



prado sofá, 2014
designer: laura noriega
craftsman: taller el jorongo / taller proyecto madera
material: ash wood, wool and brass


piedra pouf, 2014
designer: laura noriega y lauren juncal
craftsman: pedro romo
material: natural wool


secretos sideboard, 2011
the tenango ‘otomi-tepehua’ textile art, carefully reserved appears as a hidden layer within the exotic parota wood
delicately carved unveiling its coloful personality and the lively animals and floral prints.
designer: laura noriega
craftsman: candida pérez
material: parota wood and tenango embroidery


tiripiti lamp, 2012
tiripiti means gold in purepecha lenguage and is also the name given to the gods that are manifestations of the sun.
the lamp casts its light through the greatness of pre-colombian cultures, revealing the patter hammered which intensifies with its brightness.
designer: laura noriega
craftsman: napoleón pérez
material: hammered copper.


chile seco sound toy, 2014
the dried chilli seeds resemble the various sounds in dance and witty prehispanic instruments.
chile seco is a collection of toys that provokes and rescues the spirit of spiciness.
designer: mariana solis
crafsman: angel santos


luna necklace, 2013
designer: laura noriega
craftsman: ignacio garcía, felipe cárdenas
material: basaltic stone and silver
material: burnished clay


luna necklace, 2013
the moon is made by silver says the legend.
collection of amulets so you hoard a piece of the moon, the one you see, and the one it is.


levedad data storage, 2011
digital information fragility leads us to treasure the accessories where we store it.
levedad goes back to the time when our data were safe, carved in stone.
designer: laura noriega
craftsman: ignacio garcía
material: basaltic stone and parota wood


la noche chef and cheese knifes, 2013
heaven and earth are united with the reflection of the stars on a dark night ocean.
designer: laura noriega
craftsman: ojeda family
material: stainless steel 4400 and katalox wood


la noche knife, 2013


oro cacao cups, 2014
legend says that the cocoa seed was a gift from the god quetzalcoatl and when drunk it would provide wisdom. oro cacao is a collection of cups inspired in the expansive waves made by the cocoa drink as an allegory of its expansion through the world as a natural, precious and inherent element of the mexican cuisine.
designer: vibani rodríguez
craftsman: angel santos
material: burnished clay


danzón olive and vinager container, 2014
pottery with oil and vinegar soul, are presented on a wooden track with tastes and cravings intertwined in a dance of soft footsteps.
designer: juan carlos orozco
material: ceramic and wood