‘climbing lamp’

joran briand, etienne vallet and arthur de chatelperron make up the french firm trust in design. in their work they create a range of objects including furniture, lighting and homewares. ‘climbing lamp’, ‘neurone lighting’ and ‘cadarache cup’ are just a few of their projects.

trust in design ‘climbing lamp’, plugs directly into a socket

‘climbing lamp’ comes in a kit. consisting of mobile joints it adapts itself to the constraints of a particular space. it climbs on walls and ceilings and can be assembled to user needs. once fixed, each fluorescent slide is directional, providing comfortable lighting.

trust in design ‘climbing lamp’ detail

trust in design ‘neurone lighting’ at les grands moulins de, paris

this lighting system reflects the architecture of neuron systems. as with neurons, each light is connected to another by aluminium tip. they together create a luminous sky of multiple levels. one can thus manipulate the lighting combinations according to the space.

trust in design ‘neurone lighting’

trust in design ‘cadarache cup’

is a ceramic cup set and wood tray, its design imitates the shape of a nuclear poer plant. it was also a shortlisted entry in designboom’s ceramic for breakfast competition in 2006.

trust in design ‘cadarache cup’