tumi swiss roll hard shell backpack by chinese designer jamy yang
all images courtesy of jamy yang





it is the second time travel accessories experts tumi, have worked with chinese designer jamy yang to develop a total brand new concept of backpack to celebrate tumi’s 40 year anniversary. the innovative backpack delivers a fresh spirit of exploring and discovering through minimalistic design, that is witnessed all around asian cities today, including hong kong, taiwan, seoul and shanghai. 

the hard shell bag includes small zipper pockets





jamy yang re-thought about about one of tumi’s patented material called ’tegris’, which was used in nascar racing cars, and made full use of its right and stretchy features. this strong material combines great functionality with high strength performance that can take on any excessive force situations. its cylinder structure will protect goods inside, and stretches to accommodate an assortment of different size objects. the backpack can be opened from the top will partitions inside, with two zipped small storage spaces. jamy yang’s new tumi swiss roll hard shell backpack creates a brand new visual language and use for next generation traveling accessories. 

uses tumi’s patented ‘tegris’ material