twist 1586 by saint louis draws ingenuity from art to innovate further
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the world is an ever evolving place, with technology rapidly bleeding into every aspect of our lives. with crystal and crystalware, mechanics and complex computers have no place and only interfere in production and noteworthiness. that’s why in the east of france, in the lorraine region, their are vast underground ovens that reach extraordinary temperatures of 1,350°C to create saint louis glass that dates back half a millennium. it is in fact the oldest glass manufacturer in france with roots dating back to 1586 and the first crystal glass manufacturer in all of continental europe. 


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unchanged movements of craftsmanship; – an established sleight of hand, a secret trick with the mouth, those techniques of blown crystal are still being passed down from generation to generation. of course, like an product crafted by man, the crystalware may be less precise and bear diminutive flaws, but with those characteristics make every creation unique. 

ovens reach temperatures of 1,350°C




when entering the saint louis stores however, it is a more intelligible experience. every object is lit to showcase details ordinarily never considered because the objects awaken more senses than one might think. with saint louis’s latest collection of crystalware ‘twist 1586’, they break complex textile bearers and offer glasses for wines that are not meant to be deciphered or instructed.

the craft at saint louis is passed down from generation to generation



each model is made with a purpose, with lines varying in density to create their very own patterns. designboom was invented to the special launch of ‘twist 1586’ collection, where we witnessed first hand the distinctive presentation of crystalware and their paid wines and champagnes.

little flaws make each piece unrepeatable



‘twist your habits and awaken your senses. twist your rituals to experience moments of sharing and happiness,’ describes saint louis CEO jérome de lavergnolle. ‘saint louis overturns conventions and preconceived ideas, proposing a tasting collection that combines aesthetics with expertise. with ‘twist 1586, a new rapport with dégustation is born, simplified and full of pleasure.’ 

this model is meant for young wines



contradictory to long established teachings that have become automatic, it is young wine, and not aged wine that must be allowed to fully open up, releasing its flavors and aromas. for that purpose saint louis has designed a universal glass with wide venetian stripes and dimensions. 

 the slender shape is for older wines



the mature wine glass concentrates the aromas through controlled oxygenation that encourages the wine to open up at a leisurely pace. it brings together an table aesthetic with an intimate knowledge of wine. 

a revolutionary glass meant for sparkling wines



traditionally champagne is served in the classic flute glass, but with this latest collection, saint louis wants to start a revolution. today, they believe it is the glass with its long stem that is meant for drinking the sparkles. when the strong liquid swirls within the hollow of the crystal sphere, the glass is designed to become a kaleidoscope for presenting champagne. 



the decanter and stopper for airing wines before pouring


the starting piece to any gathering is the decanter. the glass shelter lets the wine to aerate, allowing it to breathe and reach its full flavor. set on the table, the twist 1586 decanter with a paired stopper, attracts every gaze. the ‘twist 1586’ model voluptuous curves and narrow top guards the liquid with a balance of air getting everything set for drinking. 

the glass tumbler for everyday uses


finally, the ‘twist 1586’ collection includes a water tumbler to refresh the wine drinkers palate. it is designed with narrow venetian stripes and round base unaccompanied by  a stem, that is ideal for everyday uses at the table.  

the saint louis ‘twist 1586’ collection will sure to be noticed at the table. their shapes and curves create dynamic senses usually anonymous to drinkers that without delay be appreciated. this is the clear recognition that saint louis preserves in this crystal collection. 

the table setting at the ‘twist 1586’ launch in paris, france


champagne being poured into a glass from the collection


each glass is designed with a purpose

image courtesy of saint louis
image courtesy of saint louis
image courtesy of saint louis