yves béhar works with polish furniture company tylko for hub table series
all images courtesy of tylko





designer yves béhar has worked closely with tylko since meeting the team at san francisco’s launch event in early 2014. béhar soon became an advisor for the polish furniture company and has now designed the ‘hub table’, allowing each customer to co-design this piece within a set of controlled choices on a smartphone app, from basic sizing to proportions to craft details. ‘I’ve always thought that the perfect furniture design is adaptable to individual needs while following a specific design intent. the tylko technology and user experience means one can create bespoke furniture pieces with individual preferences while still getting a designer’s vision and direction,’ describes béhar. the collection is being shown at the 2015 london design festival

yves behar hub table designboomthe collection includes (left to right): the ‘ivy shelf’ and ‘hub tables’ 





the tylko ‘hub tables’ can serve many different spaces and purposes. versatility is achieved in part by a curated choice of leg angles, from a domestic 13-degree angle to an office-ready two-degree angle. a variety of crafted leg details create distinct personalities – with three shape algorithms, spheres, cones and simple rectangular legs, the design can be finessed with the tylko app

yves behar hub table designboomthe ‘hub table’ 





the surfaces are finished in a high-density, durable laminate which is also available in a matte or natural oak veneer. the frame and legs can be colour and finish matched to the ‘hub table’ top to ensure a harmonious design. tylko is building the future of furniture design. it’s the first technology and easy consumer experience that enables deep customization, distributed local manufacturing and a fun mobile app. now anyone can build, detail, shape and colour the ideal furniture piece for their home, this is a new way to design,’ explains yves behar. 

yves behar hub table designboomthe ‘totem mill’ table




polish designer krystian kowalski has created the ‘totem mill’, an object that harnesses the principles and capabilities of the app with an entry-level product. the ‘totem mill’ is a design statement for the home, crafted from high-quality rolled beech wood elements, lacquered in a transparent or carefully curated colour, and based on a durable ceramic milling mechanism built for many years of use. a modular design language allows its owner to express their own distinct aesthetic tastes, as well as complement space and any existing accessories. each module can be hexagonal or oval, low or high in height, and can adorn different colours for a truly bespoke end product.

yves behar_hub table_designboom_005made from rolled beech wood elements




once customized by users, the ‘ivy shelf’, ‘hub table’ and ‘totem mill’ can be visualized in their proposed surroundings using the tylko apps built-in ‘context view’ mode. the furniture can be pictured in its actual size within their interior space, giving a true sense of how their designs would look and feel within their home or office. ‘as designers we’re really aware of the quality of our personal space,’ explains tylko co-founder, mikołaj molenda. ‘when furnishing our own homes, we spend so much time looking for well-designed timeless pieces that we cannot necessarily afford. we discovered that there’s no current option for these within the mid-market in the furniture industry, and tylko is the answer to that.’