stump series all images by shahar tamir courtesy of studio ubico

the aim of the stump series by ubico studio was to develop objects which could be produced at a cost efficient price which expressed the recycled nature of its materials in an aesthetic that is visually interesting.

the process started with the study of raw materials the studio could potentially use. ubico studio’s focus ended up on the small pieces of hardwood thrown out in large quantities by the carpentry industry. with this material, the goal was to develop a piece just under the 200 dollar price mark, however, the main obstacles they faced was the actual labor intensive production of the designs. this was addressed by turning the environmental process into social project. parts of production were given to a factory which operates a rehabilitation program for disabled people who are otherwise unemployed, who aided in the manufacturing of the tabletop pieces.

the stump series consists of the oli stool and dodo side table. both are fully recycled made from small scraps of wood which has been cut into cubes and glued into a matrix to create the tabletop.

ubico studio: stump series oli stool 30 x 30 x 40cm made from various types of recycled wood and recycled steel band

a detail of the oli stool is a groove cut on the stool’s sides with a recycled steel band is located inside.

ubico studio: stump series detail of steel band

ubico studio: stump series dodo side table 30 x 30 x 34 cm made from various types of recycled wood

a particular feature of the dodo side table is that one of the legs is glued from various wood types and then processed on a lathe.

ubico studio: stump series production of the table top