production mockup of the UN01 photography case

the iphone is a camera with the possibility of instant sharing across multiple networks, with this in mind the california based brothers at un design have developed a way to get it out of your pocket and in front of you where it should be. the UN01 is a simple 2.5mm protective plastic slide case with a neck strap that encourages the user to rotate the phone into a landscape orientation and places it at chest level, ready for use whenever needed.

to replicate the realism of using a camera, the body style and raised lens design are inspired by point and shoot cameras. the case is a two piece assembly that slides over the phone and is fastened secure by a center locking ring.

kickstarter users should head over to their project page, pledges start at 30 USD for a white or black version. five more interchangeable colors are planned on once the project is initially backed.

un design: UN01 iphone photography case illustration by jamie © beeosx

just finding an iphone and getting it ready to take a picture sometimes can take too long or convince you that the photo opportunity just is no longer worth the time and energy. this illustration captures the user’s ability to instantly have a conversation about what you are doing or end up just being sad when you cannot share something you wanted to.

un design: UN01 iphone photography case kickstarter backer limited edition laser engraved version

un design: UN01 iphone photography case

un design: UN01 iphone photography case the UN01 in its ready position.

un design: UN01 iphone photography case white versions with white interlocking ring and chrome ring

un design: UN01 iphone photography case top detail

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