unibro design transforms automotive parts and tools to create furniture pieces
all images courtesy of unibro design





german furniture studio unibro design takes automotive parts and tools to create unique pieces with a story. writing desks are sourced from a BMW ‘alpina’, a 1967 mustang coupe and an opel admiral. each is welded with adjustable aluminum legs and colored to the same original automotive paint. standing lamps use old engine filters to produce symmetric household lighting. height adjustable, unibro upcycled american muscle car hood filters and incorporated LEDs to offer a distinctive piece in the home. the ‘drill’ lamp fuses a standard stationary tool with a edison light bulbs to establish a desk or bed side spotlight. finally, unibro design took world war II injunction pumps and placed smaller edison lightbulbs.

unibro-design-car-parts-furniture-designboom-02‘light in the air’ floor lamp unibro-design-car-parts-furniture-designboom-03 the opel table unibro-design-car-parts-furniture-designboom-04‘candy apple’  unibro-design-car-parts-furniture-designboom-05 ‘rusty’ from a BMW ‘alpine’ unibro-design-car-parts-furniture-designboom-06floor ‘flood lamp’  unibro-design-car-parts-furniture-designboom-07the ‘drill’  unibro-design-car-parts-furniture-designboom-08the ‘race-ka-dett’