united nude stealth laptop sleeve will keep your new apple macbook safe
all images courtesy of united nude





the ‘stealth’ sleeve is the new addition to united nude collection. the abstract geometric press-molded body is covered with a matt rubber coated material with black leather details while the padded interior features a compartment with a fine mesh pocket. the sleeve can fit up to 12-inch laptops or tablets, that ensures a strong anti-shock ability and makes it waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof. check out more of designboom’s coverage of united nude here

united-nude-stealth-sleeve-designboom-02fits the next generation apple macbook

united-nude-stealth-sleeve-designboom-03zipper encloser 

united-nude-stealth-sleeve-designboom-04interior features a compartment with a fine mesh pocket

united-nude-stealth-sleeve-designboom-06the sleeve is waterproof