unopiù’s treble collection in aluminum & rope


Unopiù, a leading brand in outdoor furniture design, relaunches its Treble collection with updated color options. Constructed from aluminum and hand-braided synthetic rope, the outdoor line is known for its lightness, clean lines, and compact details. The armchair, two-seater sofa, lounge and coffee table are offered in  four new frame finishes – graphite, sage, syrah, and sand—paired with three rope weave choices – white mélange, marsala, and green mélange, which in combination allow to create subtle and elegant contrasts.

unopiù revamps its bi-material ‘treble’ collection in four fresh frame finishes
the Treble collection by Unopiù, crafted from aluminum and hand-braided synthetic rope, gets reintroduced with new colors

all images courtesy of Unopiù



furniture entirely dedicated to the outdoors


The name ‘Unopiù’ translates to ‘one more,’ symbolizing the Italian brand‘s dedication to extending living spaces into the outdoors. Since 1978, the company has been recognized as a pioneer in creating outdoor furniture collections that combine functionality with the same comfort typically reserved for interiors. Upholding this legacy, Unopiù has modernized its Treble collection with new colorways to meet the demands of contemporary living.

unopiù revamps its bi-material ‘treble’ collection in four fresh frame finishes
Treble’s four new frame finishes paired with three rope weave choices overhaul the color palette



a collection suitable for a wide range of contexts


Including an armchair, a two-seater sofa, lounge and corner modules, and a rectangular coffee table with a solid teak top, each Treble piece is carefully designed to ensure high performance in outdoor environments while maintaining an elegant appearance. The synthetic rope used in the collection is extremely weather-resistant yet retains the softness of natural rope, adding a refined touch to the armrests and backrests of the seating pieces.


One more key feature of the Treble collection is its adaptability. The compact size of the furniture makes it ideal for small terraces, gardens, and other outdoor areas with limited space. The updated color palette enhances this versatility, allowing the Treble collection to integrate into both residential and commercial settings.

unopiù revamps its bi-material ‘treble’ collection in four fresh frame finishes
from the graphite and sage tones to the vibrant syrah and neutral sand hue, the shades give the furnishings new verve



project info: 


collection name: Treble

company: Unopiù | @unopiu.official

colors: Structure: graphite, sage, syrah, sand | Rope: white mélange, marsala, green mélange 

measurements: Armchair: 86 x 80 x 76 cm | Sofa: 149 x 80 x 76 cm | Right/left corner module: 139 x 80 x 76 cm | Coffee table: 134 x 73 x 26 cm