urban pool creates new way for citizens to interact with public spaces
all photos courtesy of gwendel le bihan




somewhere between sport equipment and furniture, ‘urban pool’ intends to foster a new way for city residents interact with public spaces. designed and built by french architect gwendal le bihan, the piece was created for outdoor use by employing difference concrete aggregates and resin for a durable playing surface. while the dimensions can accommodate blackball or eight ball, users are encouraged to invent their won ‘urban pool rules’. the table is currently installed in the french city of nantes in front of the graslin theater’s stairs.

urban pool
detail of the corner reveals the resin based playing surface

urban pool
the concrete construction creates a formidable appearance 

urban pool 4
while constructed to accommodate both blackball, eight-ball users are encouraged to innovate

 urban pool 8
the table in use reveals how it has facilitated interaction



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edited by: trevor reed | designboom