wooden ladder the starting point for the bookshelf chair by urfun lab all images are courtesy of urfun lab

indian design studio urfun lab recently completed a project called ‘the bookshelf chair’. drawing their starting point from ladders that are of common use in daily manual activities, they reinterpreted the shape to create an all-in-one bookshelf and seat. the idea behind the project is to save space and bring different level of functionality into the domestic space, while still maintaining a traditional aesthetic.

the object’s seat is wooden and white painted, while the shelf is dark so to distinguish the two functions of the object.

urfun lab: bookshelf chair more wooden ladders…

urfun lab: bookshelf chair use of a ladder in daily life

urfun lab: bookshelf chair demonstration of ‘bookshelf chair’ usage

urfun lab: bookshelf chair demonstrating the use of the ‘bookshelf chair’

urfun lab: bookshelf chair members of the urfun lab team