vadolibero designs shelves for cyclists who love carpentry
all images courtesy of vadolibero






the vadolibero bike shelves are for bike lovers who indulge themselves in carpentry. the shelves are intended as both a stage for the bicycle and a smart organizer, with designs that can easily fit in any home. free standing, so that the shelves don’t have to be hung to the wall, the modular structures have drawers that can host everything a cyclist needs. each shelf includes stainless steel hooks and clamps to securely holding the bike upright without damaging the frame or rims. each piece is made of multilayered birch and is available in an assortment of different veneers; – oak, beech wood, and wenge. the italian company was founded by photographer ran reuveni and journalist antonella grua in 2014. their mission is to spread cycling around the world and to provide people with solutions that match its lifestyle. 

the upper tray is designed to easily host the charging wires for your devices


a vertical space for keys and sunglasses


drawers incorporate magnetic locks


designed for easy bike hanging 


the clothes rack is a lamp, casting light on the bike frame




it allows to manage, exhibit (or hide) everything in a  functional way 


the stainless steel wheel clamp fits every kind of bike or wheel