‘fall / winter’ bench by valentin loellman



‘fall / winter by valentin loellmann for galerie gosserez, paris is a collection that is characterized by a working process similar to that in which mortise-and-tenon joints are used to connect hazel branches to an oak top. a mixture of sawdust and glue is used to fill and round off these connections resulting in an aesthetic of organic forms in which no sharp edges remain.



valentin loellman: fall / winter ‘fall / winter’ stool



each of the pieces are burned and treated with wax, and then the tops are sanded, polished and treated with oil, resulting in a contrast of warm, yellow wood with matte black charcoal legs. the hazel branches were chosen for their strength and straightness, producing a natural dynamic final structure, each one unique. each piece is hand-made, marked and numbered.



valentin loellman: fall / winter detail of the black matte legs