‘wild bodged chair’ by valentina gonzález wohlers

london-based valentina gonzález wohlers has created ‘wild bodged chairs’, a series of hand made seating objects that demonstrate the slow pace of an unfolding design process. by looking into reclaiming craft in contemporary creative practices, the project responds to the anonymous and the generic manufacturing techniques that ultimately manifolds furniture into a ubiquitous state. the collection is influenced by the idea of developing a concept based on the appreciation of classic furniture.

by drawing from the grand porter chair’s characteristics as reference, the seat receives a new context being surrounded in different environments, where using raw mexican material and traditional craftsmanship, adds a dynamic perspective to the creation process. wood and branches of all kind, lengths and thickness are utilized to create a dialogue between components, where they intersect, hug, meet and divert, to cross again; dancing to an organic rhythm played by nature. by combining a collaborative process between designer, artisan and the environment, a unique synergy of creation provides the framework for an organic and natural final form.

valentina gonzález wohlers: wild bodged chairs manufacturing process using tension to form branches

valentina gonzález wohlers: wild bodged chairs detail of the joint connection

valentina gonzález wohlers: wild bodged chairs hand-made process

valentina gonzález wohlers: wild bodged chairs bending the branches

valentina gonzález wohlers: wild bodged chairs forest in oaxaca, mexico where wohlers sourced her wood

valentina gonzález wohlers: wild bodged chairs sketch influenced by the grand porter’s chair