vanessa harden continues subversive gardener series with tools for her
all images courtesy of vanessa harden




guerrilla gardening may seem like an odd phrase, but it represents a thriving subculture of individuals that take to countless neglected urban spaces around the world, and secretly plant flowers, shrubbery, and vegetables. designer vanessa harden presents her latest edition of the ‘subversive gardener’ series, a collection of ongoing public interventions connected to the group, titled simply ‘tools for her’.

shovel accessory 




the trio of brass ‘nail-dusters’ blur the boundary between tool and accessory, enabling wearers to dig, rake, and shovel while remaining (semi) inconspicuous. each tool is paired with a signature nail polish and seed variety, stylishly integrating the garden assault into the perpetrator’s daily routine. 


video courtesy of vanessa harden

vanessa harden subversive gardener tools for her
ready at a moment’s notice 

vanessa harden subversive gardener tools for her
‘tools for her’ spade, rake, and shovel
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