vase NA 2.0 by desz, integrates lines and colors into the design by presenting a seemingly existing space without actual existence. in the design of vase NA, white metal frames replace the traditional containers with borders that vases usually have. the word ‘NA’ means ‘nothing’, reflecting how this vase is hollow and not a real container with boundaries.

vase na 2 0 1
images courtesy of desz



desz started the design process by making a grid frame structure which will be the base of the vase. second, they drew the vase shape from 2D to 3D in the grid frame and marked the color range to then paint it in the frame. in a hollow, colorful, translucent grid frame, a vase appears to emerge, but it does not actually exist. surrounding the vase project, the layer of colors gradually changes to let customers enjoy the installation with various gazes. white and colorful lines, like the traces of sketches drawn in the air, make these transparent surfaces and volumes appear.

vase na 2 0 2



a wide range of vase shapes can be expressed by several colored lines. however since the hue changes according to the sequence the colored lines are layered in, and the color tones vary with vertical height, it took the designers a considerable amount of trials and errors in order to reach the desired result. the design takes advantage of the space, color, and line elements to create a floating vase in space. by changing perspectives, the designers tried to explore the relationship between people and space.

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project info:

name: vase NA 2.0

designers: bo zhang & yang zhang or desz


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