norwegian firm elpedal reveal the latest in electric assisted automobiles – the podbike. the human powered vehicle combines elements of cycling with car design, creating a hybrid velomobile which hopes to get people out of their cars by making cycling comfortable and practical.
velomobile podbike designboom
the podbike combines elements of cycling with cardesign,
all images courtesy of podbike



in difference to the average electric bike, the podbike has four wheels; features two hub motors; a compact generator propelled by pedals; and is constructed within a sustainable envelope. as the rider pedals, the power they generate is electrically transferred to these motors whilst a battery pack offers additional power.
velomobile podbike designboom
as the rider pedals, power generated is electrically transferred to two hub motors



when completely finished, the podbike will be able to seat one adult with space in the back for a child and travel an estimated 60km on a single battery (the figure can be increased by adding more packs). it will also feature a full thermoplastic canopy and a frame of aluminium for weather protection and optimum aerodunamics.
velomobile podbike designboom
the body is made of thermoplastic and a frame of aluminium which can be fully recycled



whilst elpedal’s focus has lied heavily on on practicality and safety, low maintenance and high sustainability is a driving USP when compared to electric cars. velomobiles boast the least emissions from transport with regards to renewable energy, compared with modern cars, traditional and hybrid ICE cars.
velomobile podbike designboom
the electric assist means the velomobile is classified as a bicycle within EU



the first complete test units of the podbike will be ready early next year before an official launch taking place in norway early 2019, and a europe launch in 2020. pricing estimated at $6,143 including VAT and local sales tax, the next-gen in e-bikes is available to preorder now.