Every year in the Peruvian Amazon, more than 1 million trees are felled to harvest the aguaje fruit. The fruit, which is known to have a high content of vitamin A, grows on palm trees that measure up to 35 meters high, making it difficult to reach, therefore easier to cutting them down. As the illegal logging keeps getting the Amazon at risk, Ogilvy Perú has created the Vertical Bike, a vehicle that uses a Honda motor to help native community farmers to harvest the aguaje fruit without harming the tree.


‘Our community has been fighting against the indiscriminate felling of the aguaje tree,’ said Mariluz Maurayari, Parinaris community activist from the Amazon jungle. ‘Our people have settled on this land for many years, and we want to protect it.’

this vertical bike powered by honda climbs trees to prevent deforestation




Because of the aguaje harvest, the Peruvian Amazon sees around 800,000 professional soccer stadiums filled with palms destroyed yearly. To solve this, Ogilvy Perú has devised the Vertical Bike, which stands as a creative solution that simplifies the harvest of aguaje and avoids cutting down trees, contributing significantly to protecting the ecosystem.


‘Vertical Bike is a unique creation that stems from our commitment to protect of our land,’ said Yasu Arakaki, Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Peru. ‘The great achievement that makes this piece unique is that we put aside the chainsaws and use its motors to build the Vertical Bike, transforming part of the problem into the solution. This machine allows climbing the 35 meters of the palm tree in just 30 seconds, it is easy to transport through the jungle and has the capacity to support up to 90 kg.’

this vertical bike powered by honda climbs trees to prevent deforestation


The advertising agency has also devised a campaign, complete with a video (watch above),  where you can see the native communities using the Vertical Bike to harvest the fruit.

this vertical bike powered by honda climbs trees to prevent deforestation


‘We have been working on this project for a long time since there were many variables that appeared along the way,’ said Juan Pablo Álvarez CCO of Ogilvy Andina. ‘We are very proud about the final result; everything was worth it. At Ogilvy we believe in the integral creative role of an agency, where developing innovations, prototypes, products, and learning from those experiences gives new capabilities to the team. We are very grateful to Honda for their support in this initiative and to the Parinaris community for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the solution of a problem that is so important for them.’

this vertical bike powered by honda climbs trees to prevent deforestation this vertical bike powered by honda climbs trees to prevent deforestation



agency: ogilvy peru
CCO latam: jessica apellaniz
CCO andean: juan pablo alvarez
CCO: yasu arakaki / mauricio guerrero
CEO: julián torres
COO: nicolás llano
creative director: philyp caneva, carlos cárdenas
copywriter: philyp caneva
art director: guillermo ramos, carlos cárdenas
head of planning: david rosazza
producer: jaime iriarte
editor: hector mezarina, santiago herrera
retoucher: juan josé martinez

vertical bike prototype development: axl baertl
vertical bike prototype development: fernando leiva carrera

production company: canica films
executive producer: maría teresa benvenuto
producers: josselyn navarro, camila nuñez
director: francesca danovaro
second director: angel nuñez
videographers: franco bernasconi, daniel garate, ricardo pigatti
drone: daniel garate, ricardo pigatti, abel camacho.
sound director: amador del solar
edition & postproduction: grecia studio
audio & music: barba roja

client approval: mónica polo, natalia morán, carmen rodrigue