vertu client services for constellation T
vertu company representatives demo the PSG app, showing security levels across a range of countries
image © designboom

client service excellence is providing a personal assistant service for each user ?
here is a short reportage what vertu, world’s most exclusive makers of luxury smartphones does.
besides the tactile luxury of the handmade phones itself,  vertu offers expansive personal assistant services, the company
focuses on tailored recommendation and priority booking services across a range of specialty applications, each representing
vertu’s collaboration with one of a number of exclusive partners to provide enhanced services to its clients.  

protector services group
protector services group (PSG), a private security company, has partnered for the first time with a communications company
to bring specialty services to the ‘constellation T’ via a dedicate application. information about the security level of particular
countries is available instantly via the handset, as well as instant tracking and update information that offers immediate data
about the whereabouts of the client in the event of trouble. the company also provides risk management consultancy
and concierge-like arrangement services, partnering at times with ‘vertu concierge’ itself for request like securing travel
arrangements. ‘we can tell you advice before you need it’, PSG explains, which is when it is of the greatest importance.

vertu client services for constellation T
maps, realtime news updates, and live video feed on display in the pavilion showcase the multimedia range of information from which PSG draws to protect and provide for its clients
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for the launch event of the ‘constellation T’ in milan, italy, vertu transformed the outdoor garden of palazzo serbelloni
into an indoor exhibition, dotted with custom-designed dedicated pavilions where company representatives were present
to discuss their work and collaboration with the luxury phone makers. the structure of the event was designed to mirror vertu’s
commitment to personalized, experiential service.

vertu client services for constellation T
for the opening event, vertu converted the palazzo serbelloni’s outdoor garden into an illuminated indoor space
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the ‘concierge live’ realtime update system is permitting clients  to keep track of their requests and be notified of any changes.
in addition, vertu has partnered with protector services security group, berry brothers and rudd wine merchants, and a number
of exclusive clubs to create dedicated applications serving an expanded range of client desires.

vertu client services for constellation T
installation corridor
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vertu client services for constellation T

entry into the space, opening upon the protector services group room
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vertu client services for constellation T
vertu itself is the brainchild of frank nuovo
portrait © designboom

we are currently downloading an interview conducted by designboom with frank nuovo. stay tuned. a link to the article
will be published here.

vertu client services for constellation T
inside the space, vertu recreated the exclusive kee club of hong kong and shanghai
image © designboom

club access
in a pavilion modelled after the kee club in hong kong, representatives were on hand to demo the ‘exclusive members’
clubs app, which details information about location and services alongside photos of the most well-respected private clubs
in major cities, offering at least one free entry to each per year. clients may reserve other speciality services for themselves
and their guests through ‘vertu concierge’.

vertu client services for constellation T
image © designboom

vertu client services for constellation T
the ‘berry brothers and rudd’ pavilion
image © designboom

berry brothers and rudd
britain’s most established and respected wine merchants, berry brothers and rudd offer specialty services and invitations
via their ‘constellation T’ app. extensive information about a host of wine types and vineyards can be perused through the program.
most interestingly, clients can submit any question about wine and receive a response almost immediately, around the clock,
from berry brothers and rudd’s team of wine experts and sommeliers based out of the UK and hong kong. the company
offers exclusive invitations to tastings and through ‘vertu concierge’ arranges chateau visits and tours.

the ‘identify a bottle’ feature lets clients photograph any wine bottle label for identification, tasting notes, and advice
about similar products, all individually provided by one of the company’s experts.

vertu client services for constellation T
vertu at palazzo serbelloni – entry into the corridor which leads to the installations
image © designboom

read more about the ‘constellation T’ itself in this designboom article, or about the courtyard installation that chinese architect
ma yansong (MAD) designed for the launch event in this one.