vertu: constellation luxury touchscreen smartphone
the new ‘constellation’ touchscreen smartphone by vertu

vertu, makers of luxury smartphones with expansive personal assistant services, offers a new touchscreen device
as part of the company’s ‘constellation‘ collection. produced in satin brown, polished black or pink, red gold with mixed metals,
and black or white alligator with diamond, each handset is hand-assembled at the vertu headquarters in england.
the phone features a 3.5-inch HD sapphire crystal AMOLED screen and 8-megapixel camera with ruby shutter key.

vertu: constellation luxury touchscreen smartphone
detail of front

offering tailored services and applications, ‘vertu concierge’ provides recommendation and priority booking services for its clients,
accessible via a dedicated key on the handset and either email or voice communication. the ‘concierge live’ app displays real-time
status updates of customer requests, while ‘vertu city brief’ is a digest of restaurants and tourist destinations across 200 cities worldwide.

additional services include personalized access to berry brothers and rudd wine merchants, who offer drink recommendations,
invitation to tastings, and the ‘identify a bottle’ feature in which clients may photograph any wine bottle label for identification,
tasting notes, and advice about similar products.

overview of the client services offered on the ‘vertu constellation T’ touchscreen
video © vertu

vertu: constellation luxury touchscreen smartphone

the ‘vertu constellation T (part of the company’s ‘constellation‘ collection)

see details of the vertu client services here.