vienna design week will take place this fall from october 2nd to 12th. this year, organizers are aiming to have a more compact layout with a more international feel. furniture, product and industrial designers from austria and the world will be on show for the public and industry to see and explore. tulga beyerle, thomas geisler and lilli hollein (together forming the neigungsgruppe design) are this year’s show curators and organizers. special programs include assionswege (paths of passion), a series of interventions by european designers in the city of vienna. here is a preview of some of these pieces.

vienna design week 2008 preview ‘waterproof – onion’ by maxim velcovsky from the czech republic & ‘sweetwood’ by eoos from austria

vienna design week 2008 preview ‘morning post’ by megumi ito from austria & ‘pyllon’ by nicole aebischer from switzerland

vienna design week 2008 preview ‘guardian of light’ by susanne philippson from germany & ‘domoseo’ by marco dessi from austria