vienna design week 2010 LABORATORY VDW labor 2009 image © kollektiv fischka

vienna design week LABORATORY is a live and public platform for emerging graphic and product designers to develop and present a project on-site at the festival’s headquarter at the kunsthalle wien. it is curated in collaboration with austrian graphic designer erwin k. bauer under the slogan ‘papermania’, which is the common material that the designers will be primarily using.

in addition, a laboratory talk will take place almost daily at 5:30 in the afternoon. invited designers and guests will share their work and their design practice.

vienna design week 2010: LABORATORY ‘licor cafe’ set by tomas alonso, (2010)

schedule and designers participating in ‘papermania’:

thomas alonso 5-10 october born in northwestern spain, tomas alonso soon went abroad to pursue his passion for design; after working many years as a designer of tyre rims, he studied at the royal college of art in london. he develops simple objects in material studies and experimental test arrangements which he elaborates into wonderful works of design.

kueng caputo 1-6 october the two swiss designers sarah kueng and lovis caputo are both graduates of the zurich academy of art and design and since 2008 have been known as ‘kueng caputo’. ‘intelligent’ and ‘humorous’ are apt adjectives for their working style which involves experimenting with already existing objects or reactions to local context. pixelgarten 4-10 october the design studio pixelgarten was founded in 2004 by catrin altenbrandt and adrian nießler. as visual researchers, their mostly humorous and poetic designs materialize in photography, illustration, and graphic art. they link the world of analogue and digital images to gain a new vision of reality: the aesthetics of pixelgarten.

merz & hess 2-6 october the collaboration between the swiss designers adrian merz and cornelia hess is new and still relatively unknown. their critical approach to form and content materializes in a combination of illustration, typography, photography, and three-dimensional design. parallel worlds emerge out of paper, critical information graphics, and versatile displays.

vienna design week 2010: LABORATORY motto bookstore (2010) by kueng caputo

vienna design week 2010: LABORATORY (left) portrait of pixelgarten (right) ‘super mario fashion story’ for NEON magazine by pixelgarten

vienna design week 2010: LABORATORY ‘winter 1972’by merz & hess

the vienna design week LABORATORY is supported by erste bank group.

location: kunsthalle wien, project space, karlsplatz, 4th district, treitlstraße 2

schedule of ‘laboratory talks’:

eero koivisto, designer, friday, 1st of october, 5:30 pm

kueng caputo, product designers saturday, 2nd of october, 5:30 pm nicolas le moigne, designer sunday, 3rd of october, 7 pm

nicola stattmann, designer monday, 4th of october, 5:30 pm

adrian merz & cornelia hess, graphic designers tuesday, 5th of october, 5:30 pm

pixelgarten, graphic design studio wednesday, 6th of october, 5:30 pm tomas alonso, designer thursday, 7th of october, 5:30 pm

joan sallas, origami artist, friday, 8th of october, 5:30 pm